MDVR / Mobile DVR

EverFocus carries various models of  Mobile DVR for buses from 2011 to commercial trucks in 2018. With the most experienced integration technology, EverFocus will focus on next generation vehicle surveillance and intelligent fleet management systems in 2019.

EverFocus provide the best wide angle viewing experience MDVR for reducing vehicle accidents. EMV1200FHD can connect with Analog AHD Camera and Network Camera simultaneously, which use M12 and Mini Din (BMW) terminal. All MDVR not only passed Taiwan Ministry of Economy Affair BSMI and VSCC certification, but also passed international certification SAE-J1455 and EN50155 which can be tracking by fleet management system or viewing via 4G, WiFi for sending GPS / GLONESS locations. In production, EverFocus states ISO 9001 & 14001 spirit for providing the best quality products. EverFocus 12 cameras MDVR EMV1200FHD, 4 cameras EMV400FHD and EMV400SFHD get 2018 Taiwan Excellence Award.

In the business of transportations, fleet management and other mobile applications, precaution is always better than cure. Preventative measures are always more effective than reactive actions. With EverFocus Mobile DVR, Vehicle Surveillance Solution, every day is Safety Day as safety has no holiday. At EverFocus vehicle cctv cameras, safety first means safety always.

Tire Pressure



Tire Pressure Monitoring System


External I/O Box

Alarm I/O and RS-232

LED Indicates Box

monitoring MDVR status


Fireproof Box

External reinforced data storage



5.6" TFT LCD Test Monitor & Service Kit

2MON2200A10003R 2MON2200A20002R

Hard Drive Reader


EverFocus DVR HDD Reader