Video Surveillance Falls Into Your Big Data Strategy

For the past 22 years, EverFocus has been supporting and working with our partners down the river of success. “Partner for growth” is what EverFocus has been doing and we believed that to provide something that can efficiently solve the problems is what we can do with our partners to grow together. To provide something valuable to the world has always been our goal to contribute to the society.

Surveillance is not merely a video thing, but plenty of integration that brings a huge amount of data. Therefore, dealing with the data, and making the data useful is what we want now and even to the future. What we think and do can be traced from EverFocus’ philosophy: to make our life easier and better. This is not only EverFocus’ dream, but what people want in their lives.


Think about what will happen if the data have been processed for intelligent actions. Imagine a CO2 monitor installed in a classroom. When the air quality is measured as low, the alarm will sound for notification. And that’s it. No more further automatic actions. What if we gather the data from a CO2 monitor to a central management system? The data will be stored, the air-conditioning systems will be automatically adjusted to the optimal mode and the door or window can be opened automatically. That’s it? Not really! The data will be recorded to the system and the system can produce an annual analysis report in visualized diagram / text or any formats, presenting a broader trend.

What can we benefit from this? First, the classroom automation gives us a better indoor environmental quality and can make people feel fresh, work efficiently and it’s also good for the health. Moreover, analysis reports help us for future improvement. This is what EverFocus wants to do. What we want to do is to contribute to the surveillance environment, not only limited to the present, but prevent from what will happen in the future. Thus, EverFocus presents the Genie XMS to the world, the next generation central management system to fulfill future requirements.
EverFocus provides a full range of product line-up. But that’s just not enough. We focus on the solution-based services and we are ready for various solution services encountered on our way.

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2016 / 12 / 15