Egypt Grand Hyatt Cairo Boat Le Pacha Boat

Video surveillance as a customer satisfaction service

Project Name

Egypt Grand Hyatt Cairo Boat Le Pacha Boat



Vertical market

Hotels & Resorts


EHD525EX / EHD350HQ / EKB500                                                                Replacement Model: EHA1280 / EPA6220 / EPA6236 / EKB700


The Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel provide visitor a unique sightseeing and dining cruise in Egypt. It has been as popular as ever to oversea visitor and local residents.
Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction means ensuring that Grand Hyatt Cairo runs like clockwork and kept everything is under control, as well as going the extra mile when incidents or problems occur in anytime. For this reason, the cruise of directors at the Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel Collection began searching for a system that would allow them to ensure precise control over the maintenance and repair activities that take place in the service areas during tour boat.


The Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel installed EverFocus EHD525EX and EHD350HQ series Rugged dome Cameras in the River Nile Tour Boat. The video streams from the cameras of each supply station are transmitted via the network to the monitoring control center located in the boat, where the operators can monitor and manage all network cameras and terminals. The administrators can access the UI via DVR with live video view by using a web browser and they can monitor the PTZ cameras via EverFocus Control keyboard (EKB500). A monitor wall has been installed in the control center. Digital signals are converted back into analog signals and sent to the monitor wall with live video from the cameras. The operators of the center can monitor remote video on the monitor wall in real-time.


The excellent quality of the images obtained even in extreme light conditions enables uninterrupted monitoring of areas in cruise, thus guaranteeing the safety and peace of mind of the guests. The client is fully satisfied with the solution.

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