Ukraine Traffic police force

Ukraine State Traffic Inspectorate police force applies mobile solution to their patrol cars

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Ukraine State Traffic Inspectorate police force applies mobile solution to their patrol cars



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EMW330 / EMV400 / EN220                                                                                  Replacement Model: EMV400FHD / EMW935F / EN220


Ukraine State Traffic Inspectorate (STI) begins in April 14, 1977strives to fulfill the tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to control the law and the changes in the law concerning the traffic and the road discipline, to guarantee the safety on the road and to control it, along with some other tasks such as the road safety, the search of the stolen objects and cars and avoid the accidents.
In late 90s, when Ukraine obtained the new system of the economy, there were a lot of accidents because of the huge number of cars and lots of crimes on the road. These facts proved that it is absolutely important to develop the Traffic Inspectorate. It was the beginning of the long process of modernization and innovations.
Therefore, STI decide to put cameras on their police cars to inspect the road and use the cameras as an event data recorder, a device installed in automobiles to record information related to vehicle crashes or accidents.


Ukraine State Traffic Inspectorate (STI) police force applies mobile solution on all of their patrol cars – as an event data recorder.
The EverFocus EMW330 IR Outdoor Vandal-resistant Mobile Camera with Dual-position Lens has a streamline wedge type chassis which is suitable for transit/school bus mounting. EMW330 fixed lens model is equipped with dual-position lens and IR illuminator enabling user to adjust the best viewing angle. The dual-position IR illuminators provide clear images up to 50 feet away. Moreover, EMW330 provides multiple mounting options to users, including side/rear/wall/ceiling. The built-in visible light sensor can detect brightness in the same way as human eye.
Equipped IP67-rated weatherproof housing enables the camera to withstand intentional destruction, making it ideal for outdoor/mobile applications. A built-in heater regulates the internal temperature of the camera.


The camera will capture tons of information and will help in evidence providing and gathering. The video cameras are intended to help resolve citizen complaints, deter false complaints against officers, and hold officers accountable for their actions.

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