Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club high traffic areas

Monitoring of all high traffic areas in automotive areas

Project Name

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club high traffic areas


United States (US)

Vertical market

Chain Store


EHD350 / EN220                                                                                                      Replacement Model: EHA1280 / EN220


Wal-Mart is a very popular discount chain in the US and other countries, along with its membership-only retail warehouse locations called Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club alone has over 47 million US members along with locations opening overseas.
Both Wal-Mart Super Centers and Sam’s Club Asset Protection teams needed a dependable high resolution camera to help with security surveillance of high traffic areas for their gas stations and Lube Shops. Due to the type of environment the cameras would be mounted in, it was important they were vandal resistant.


Everfocus was awarded a 4 year contract to install 16,000 cameras over a projected time. The EHD350H3 was selected for its ruggedized weather resistant housing and high resolution images to accomplish the important task of streaming video from gas stations and lube shops at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club nationwide. Primarily used outdoors in adverse weather conditions, the EHD350H3’s sturdy construction proved worthy to Wal-Mart’s security standards, along with the EverFocus BA-EHD L-shape mounting bracket. The EN220 Test Monitor was also chosen to test all cameras installed at their sites.


The durability of the rugged domes and superior quality of recorded images allowed Wal-Mart’s Asset Protection team to easily review any occurrences or suspicious activity. This has developed trust in our products over the years; making the retail chain a very happy and satisfied customer. They are still purchasing equipment from the EverFocus US branches today.

Tower Crane

Netherland Tower Crane Installed EverFocus EMV400SSD For Monitoring


Japan-Driving School

Monitoring of all important areas to help driver practice


India City Bus

More than 500pcs buses installed EverFocus MDVR