Applied to

Commander 2 & Elite 2 Series NVRs


Yes, the Commander 2 and Elite 2 Series NVRs support Hot-Swap function. However, due to the first HDD inserted to the NVR will be recognized as “Disk 1”, which is assigned to record database by default, currently Disk 1 is not hot-swappable. Please turn off power when you remove Disk 1 HDD from the NVR.

Note: If you want to install a new HDD to replace the Disk 1 HDD, please follow the steps below to keep the same configurations of your NVR:1. Export the Database file (as is recorded in Disk 1) to your computer (Setting > System Setting > Database Backup and Restore).

The Database includes the configuration-related settings such as device connection setting, user account privilege settings and network settings.

2. Turn off power of your NVR.

3. Insert a new HDD to the NVR and turn on power.

4. Format the new HDD. (Setting > Storage Device > Storage Device Management)

5. Import the Database file to the NVR (Setting > System Setting > Database Backup and Restore).