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AXIS IP Cameras


To add AXIS IP Cameras to EMV401/801/1601, you need to configure settings for both the DVR and the camera.

1. Configure the AXIS IP Camera ONVIF settings:

a. Go to Setup > System Options > Security > ONVIF, then click Add.
b. On the pop-up window, enter the User name, Password and Confirm Password. Select Administrator in User group, then click OK.
c. Go to Setup > System Options > Security > Advanced > Plain Config. Select WebService in the drop-down list, then click Select group.
d. Uncheck the “Enable replay attack protection” box, then click Save.

2. Configure the EMV401/801/1601 settings:

a. You need to upgrade your firmware of EMV401/801/1601 to the latest version. Go to the Everfocus website and search for EMV401/801/1601 to download the latest firmware.
b. On the OSD menu, go to System Setting > Miscellaneous > Firmware Upgrade. Select the firmware file you have downloaded from the Everfocus website and click UPGRADE.

3. Add AIXS IP Camera:

a. You can use Auto Search to add your AXIS IP Camera. Go to Camera > Auto Search. Click Search and drag the AXIS IP Camera from the Camera List to the Channel List, then click OK to save.


b. You can also add your AXIS IP Camera manually. Go to Camera > Camera Status. Select IPCam in Type field and Click + to add the camera.
Enter the ID and Password you set up on ONVIF User Setup window. You need to select ONVIF in the Brand field and select Others in the Model field.
c. After you complete the configuration, you should see the live view of the AXIS IP Camera on the Live page.