Applied to

All EverFocus’ IP Cameras


The Multicast Function is a technique for one-to-many communication over an IP infrastructure in a network that is designed to share IP camera loading and reduce network bandwidth. Note that for this function to work, the router / switch must support multicast function.

To enable IP camera Multicast Function:
1. Complete the installation of the IP cameras, routers/ switches and computers (refer to diagram above).
2. Access the Web UI of the IP camera to enable the Multicast function. Click the Apply button to save the setting. (Advanced tab
> Network> Multicast Settings> Enable Multicast)

3. Go to the setting page of the router/switch to enable the Multicast function.
Here we use a D-Link DIR655 router and EverFocus 24-port switch for example.

4. The Multicast function setup is now complete.