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Why to use DDNS function?
If you set up your DVR with DHCP network, the IP address of your DVR may change at different times for different reasons, particularly after a power failure. The changing IP address of the DVR may cause you difficulties accessing the DVR locally and/or remotely. To solve this problem, you can set up the DDNS function to your DVR, and access your DVR with a fixed host name whenever the IP address of your DVR changes.

DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is a service used to map a domain name to the dynamic IP address of a network device. It assigns a domain name (URL) to the DVR, so that the user does not need to go through the trouble of checking if the IP address assigned by DHCP Server has changed. Once the IP is changed, the DVR will automatically update the information to the DDNS to ensure it is always available for remote access.

To set up DDNS for your DVR, first, you have to 1) enable the DMZ or Port Forwarding function of your router 2) configure the network setting of your DVR 3) configure the DDNS setting of your DVR. Please follow the steps below.

To enable the DDNS function:
1. In order to allow remote access to the DVR from outside of the local network, enable either the Port
or DMZ function of your router. Please refer to the manual of your router for more details.

2. On the Network Setting page of DVR (Network > LAN), configure the LAN settings, keep HTTP port “80”
and then click the Save button.


  • If Static IP is selected: Enter the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and the DNS Server 1. Please consult with your ISP service provider for the information of subnet mask, default gateway and the DNS Server 1.
  • If DHCP is selected: The IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and the DNS Server 1 will be assigned automatically by DHCP server.
  • If PPPoE is selected: Enter the User Name (e.g. and Password provided by your ISP service provider.

3. On the DDNS setting page, register a free host name from EverFocus DDNS and then click the Save button.

a. Select EverfocusDDNS from the DDNS Service drop-down list.
b. Enter a desired host name in the DVR Name field. If the host name is available, a “Success” window
will appear. Click OK. If not, try another host name until the “Success” window appears.

Note: The host name should not include a space, or a dot (period) or any special characters particularly _~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + < > " ; : . ,

c. Click Save.

4. The DDNS setup is now complete. Open a browser and enter the domain name
(http://[host name] in the address field. The Web interface of the DVR should be
displayed. For example, if you’ve obtained the host name “HQtest” from EverFocus DDNS server, enter in the address field of the browser.