Applied to

EMV1200/800/400 HD, EMV1601/801/401,

PARAGON960 Series, ECOR960 Series, ECOR HD Series


EFPlayer is a media player to view or convert the recording files that recorded by the (Mobile) DVRs. Follow the steps below to use the EFPlayer.

1. Go to the USB storage device which you archive the recordings. Unzip the EFPlayer file and double-click to open it.

No.NameFunction Description
1InformationShows the recording information of the device, including model of the recorder, recording start time / date, current playback time, recording end time / date.
2LoadClick to select a recording file and open it.
3Save as AVIClick to archive the recording file of 1 channel and save as AVI format.
4Time SearchClick to search a recording from a selected time.
5Channel SwitchClick to switch channel bar between CH1~16 and CH17~32.
6Time BarMove the time bar to a desired time to play back the recording from that time.
7Playback Controls  : Click to fast reverse / fast forward.
 : Click to reverse play /play.
 : Click to pause playing back.
8SnapshotClick to take a snapshot of the channels displayed on the UI. You can save the snapshot file to a desired location.
9MuteClick to mute; click again to turn off the mute function.
10VolumeDrag to increase or lower the volume.
11Scale Out / InClick to adjust time scale.
12Screen Division  : Click to display the channels to fit the screen.
 : Click to select a desired screen division display mode (1, 4, 9, 16 screen division display modes). If the channels are more than the screen divisions, you can select the same screen division display mode to change the channels on the screen.
13SpeedShows the fast reverse / forward speed (up to 64X).


2. Load & Archive file

a. Click on  to load the recording. You can only select an avr file.

Note: If you have installed the GPS module to the (Mobile) DVR, the recordings will include the longitude and latitude information.


b. To export your recording, click  and specify the designated channel and audio option, then click Start.


c. The recording will be saved as an avi file.