Applied to

EMV200s / EMV400s


EMVPlayer is a media player to view the recording files that recorded by the (Mobile) DVRs. Follow the steps below to use the EMVPlayer.

1. Run the EMVPlayer

a. Remove the SD Card from the Mobile DVR then insert it to your computer, and go to Computer > SD_reader drive.

b. Select the sdReader folder to access EMVPlayer.

c. Double-click on EMVPlayer.exe to run the program.

Note: If you get problem with running EMVPlayer.exe, please right click on it and select Run as administrator.

d. The EMVPlayer main screen is like the figure below.

No.NameFunction Description
1InformationShows the recording information of the device, including model of the recorder, recording start time / date, current playback time, recording end time / date.
2LoadClick to select a recording file and open it.
3ArchiveClick to archive the recording file of the designated channel.
4Time SearchClick to search a recording from a selected time.
5Event SearchClick to search a recording from a selected event.
6Time BarMove the time bar to a desired time to play back the recording from that time.
7Playback Controls  : Click to fast reverse / fast forward.
 : Click to reverse play /play.
 : Click to pause playing back.
8SnapshotClick to take a snapshot of the channels displayed on the UI. You can save the snapshot file to a desired location.
9MuteClick to mute; click again to turn off the mute function.
10VolumeDrag to increase or lower the volume.
11Scale Out / InClick to adjust time scale.
12Screen Division  : Click to display the channels to fit the screen.
 : Click to switch to the 4 screen division display mode.
13SpeedShows the fast reverse / forward speed (up to 32X).

2. Load & Archive file

a. Click on  to load the recording. You can only select an avr file.

b. To export your recording, Click  and specify the start time, end time and designated channels, then click  to save the file. If you select CH1 and CH2, system will generate an avr file with recordings of these two channels.