2016 Taipei AMPA / AutoTronics

Ever Focus Electronics Crop. Established in July, 1995 is an integrated solution manufacturer, furthermore, since 2003 we regarded in the globe top 50 professional security equipment manufacturers in each year. In recent years, long-term accumulation of experience actively involved in the integration of security control vehicle market surveillance. The proportion of our human resource and investment rose from the original 15% to current 40 %, showing very optimistic about Ever Focus vehicle monitoring and value potential of this market. For your information, since Ever Focus stepped in Mobile Surveillance area we focus on which is medium or large vehicles and vehicles station for the target customer service. For the simple reason, although the market for small size car mobile surveillance is considerable but the technical is not ripe enough, it will become a competition easily; on the contrary, although the market of medium or large vehicles is small but the services for customer is infinite.“Service= Commercial Possibilities” this is the top principle of Ever Focus.

After eight years of hard working and efforts. Ever Focus gradually performed steady at domestic and abroad market of medium or large vehicles to be a well-know brand and earned customer trust, perhaps the public transport system every day you take their security control is product by the EverFocus.

Taipei International Auto Parts and Accessories / Car Electronics

Exhibition in this year, the stand of EverFocus shows the completely concept of security control vehicle net, in addition to have a clear video image requirements, EverFocus developed a management platform which is named“Xfleet”, it showing that security control vehicle and vehicles mobile computer system are working perfectly together, no matter any car that make speed, brake , turn signals , parking , directions and so on track… etc, it can show up and record that immediately. It can support 3G/4G sim card, its convenience for the owner to control the vehicle movement. It can prevent the accident happened not just watching it happened. Learn from the past and look forward to future. Upcoming to the 22th of today, Ever Focus still uphold the original intention, Put ourselves in understanding for the customer, by the security control vehicle net of Ever Focus can remind every driver stay awake to decline the frequency of car accident.