Enhanced HDD Reader for Local / Remote Users with Privileges


  • Supports sources from local and remote HDDs; or local saved files
  • Supports AVI, MP4 and AVR file formats
  • User right management for accessing between local and remote computers
  • AB repeat playback
  • Multi-channel archiving and archive video merging
  • Archive File Encryption
  • Privacy mask on archived recordings
  • Graph analytics of vehicle data including GPS, G-sensor and meta data
  • Event search
  • Data export including log, GPS and meta data

EverFocus EF-Reader is an enhanced HDD reader enabling users to access HDDs locally or remotely and further play back the recordings or data on the Playback Window. Users granted with privileges are allowed to log in the EF-Reader and operate the specific functions. The EF-Reader supports AVI, MP4 and AVR file formats. Users can play back the source recordings such as video and audio on the Playback Window. Moreover, the meta data or the GPS data from the source recordings can also be played back on the Playback Window graphically; or be exported in .kml (GPS data) files.
The EF-Reader supports various functions including Event Search, Archive, AB Repeat Playback, Format Convert, Mask, Watermark and etc.. The Live view displaying function is under developing and will be launched in the near future. By the time, users can also display live view from the connected devices through EF-Reader.

*All images presented in this document are for example only. Product models may vary in different countries. Please visit EverFocus regional Websites for detailed ordering information.
*Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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