EF Sidekick

The “EF Sidekick” application, which works with EverFocus’ IP Sidekick, is designed to eliminate all the troubles you may go through when installing IP cameras.It helps you to easily check the camera live view from you smart phone without using an additional monitor to view and adjust all the IP cameras during installation.

Moreover, the IP Sidekick can assign an IP address to the camera so that you don’t need to pre-configure the IP address. In all, with this app, you can complete the IP cameras installation as easily and efficiently as never before.

EF Sidekick App is designed to work with EverFocus Sidekick to assist installers with IP Camera installation. EverFocus Sidekick is a battery powered WiFi access point with a 30 watt PoE port. After mounting the camera, the installers can power it up using the Sidekick and a tablet/smart phone installed with EF Sidekick App to test/view the camera and make adjustments right at the camera.


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