Flex II 2 to 8-doors RS232/485 Access Controller


  • Modular design for expandability
  • Each controller may be connected to 4 door modules, and may be connected to a total of 8 card readers
  • An additional alarm module will provide 18 alarm output interfaces
  • Equipped with large storage. The controller can store 50, 000 cards and 170, 000 event logs
  • Flexible operating mode: The controller may function independently or may be connected with computer systems; the software controls the communication in real time via RS485 or TCP/IP
  • Feature-rich management functions: Capable of conducting access administration based on time, date, location, and cardholder's access privileges
  • Powerful alarm connectivity with the alarm server for the ARM/DISARM of controlled areas; the triggering of a fire alarm will effect controls to the appropriate doors, which provides convenient connectivity
  • Equipped with LCD display (backlit) and keyboard
  • Supports card readers of various Wiegand (adaptive) and RS232 specifications
  • TVS protects the controller against damage resulting from transient high voltage


Maximum Number of Cards
Maximum Number of Log Entries
170, 000
Number of Card Readers Supported
2 (expandable to 8)
Card Format
ID card (EM) / Mifare card
Maximum Number of Connected Control Units
127, with unlimited expandability
Identification Time
Error Rate
Automatic Finger Detection Feature
Number of Controllable Doors
2 (expandable to 8)
Card Reader Signal Format
Wiegand adaptive or RS232
Alarm Inputs
1 channel for fire alarm, 1 channel for general alarm and 8 channels for external alarm inputs
Alarm Outputs
Main module: 2 channels of alarm outputs, Door module: 2 channels of alarm outputs, and Alarm module: 8 channels of alarm outputs. Install 4 door modules and 1 alarm modules for a maximum of 18 Channels of alarm outputs
Communications Interface
RS232 or RS485 / 9600bps
Programmable Dates
3 types availabile with up to 384 types pf date configurations
Multiple Card Access
Door Area Interlocking
Expiration of Card
Daylight Saving Time
Backlite, 2 x 9 Chinese, 2 x 18 English / Russian
Door Relay Current
Alarm Relay Current
12VDC ± 15%, Max. 2A

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Flex II 2 to 8-door Access Controller
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