MobileFocus HD


  • Devices Management
  • Real Time Video Streaming
  • Multi touch control to digitally zoom into screen. (iPhone and Android only)
  • Remote Video Search by Time
  • Channel Control
  • PTZ Control
  • Gesture PTZ Control
  • Two-way Audio (IPCams only)
  • Gesture Digital Zoom
  • Snapshot
  • Full Screen
  • Mobile/Second Stream
  • Local Search

Mobile Focus HD is the iPad only version of the Mobile Focus App series by EverFocus, discover the capabilities and power that become apparent when the app is redesigned to access the benefits of the a bigger screen.

Main Features

型式 檔案 Upload date 版本 File size
手冊 MobileFocusHD_UM 2019-01-10 7.32 Mb