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The IP Sidekick-ESK1000 helps eliminate the troubles one goes through when installing IP cameras. The IP Sidekick- ESK1000 is a multi-functional device which can provide power to PoE* or DC-powered IP cameras and can be used as a Wi-Fi router. While using ESK1000 in conjunction with our mobile app EF Sidekick (for EverFocus cameras) or 3rd party cameras (using their proprietary apps). In all, with the IP Sidekick and a smart mobile device at hand, you may complete the IP camera installation without the use of a computer.

lPALUN is a compact  PoE-powered Balun (EOC, Ethernet over Coax) which can transmit Power and Digital Signal over coaxial cable to POE Compatible device such as an IP camera. With PALUN, you can easily upgrade the surveillance system from analog to IP, leveraging the existing coaxial infrastructure without re-cabling.

lMoreover, when it comes to PoE devices, a smart switch design enables PALUN to better accommodate PoE devices of different class levels.
PALUN supports PoE devices only.