EverFocus has been named among the 2017 top 50 security companies in the world

Over the ten consecutive years, EverFocus has been named among the top 50 security companies in the world by A&S magazine. “We’d like to show appreciation to our partners globally for their support to keep EverFocus brand in the Top 50, especially in such keen competition environment nowadays.” Said Jemmy Huang, Chairman and President of EverFocsu. “We’ll keep improving our products and services in return and seek for the growth together,” he said.
The following is an excerpt from Security 50 Supplement 2017 of A&S International magazine:

EverFocus Focusing on IoV, V2X

EverFocus is a premier Taiwan-based video surveillance solutions provider. Overtime, due to market competition, the company has branched out to non-security applications to provide further value for customers.

According to Jemmy Huang, Chairman and President of EverFocus, the company will now focus on several IoT technologies. These will include Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X).

“We primarily target commercial fleet operations. We now have ever 30 percent share in the bus operations, and our share in commercial trucking will rise to 20 to 30 percent between 2018 and 2019. Our future emphasis will be on IoV cloud service, integrating metadata with video to generate reports vehicle fuel consumption, good tracking and driver behavior to help operators achieve further productivity,” Huang said. “V2X is gaining momentum across the globe. Advances in technology and widening wireless bandwidths will cause IoV to enjoy explosive growth. Taiwan has no shortage of capable IT companies who can be great suppliers of communication systems for smart vehicle or self-driving vehicles.”

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2017 / 12 / 13