EverFocus Launches the latest EPN Series IR Network Speed Dome



Taipei, Taiwan – EverFocus Electronics Corporation, a leading security surveillance system manufacturer, today releases newest IR Network Speed Dome Cameras

EPN5210 and EPN5230


Innovative Smart IR Solution

This is a truly revolutionary Pan Tilt Zoom security camera. Optical zoom with PTZ capability and infrared night vision. Depending on scene IR reflectivity that can see up to 260(EPN5210)/490(EPN5230) feet in complete darkness. Long-range IR generally depends on high IR intensity, which results in overexposure if an object is too close to the LED. But this EPN series IR network speed dome has worked to overcome this shortcoming plaguing conventional IR cameras by drawing on Smart IR technology. Smart IR eliminates overexposure problems by dynamically adjusting the intensity of infrared light emitted by the camera’s LED source as an object of interest moves closer or farther away in the field of view. This ensures that the object is captured by the camera at an appropriate exposure level, preserving detail that would otherwise be lost with a conventional IR camera when the object is close by.


Advanced PTZ functionalities

Featured with 3D PTZ function, the EPN series allow you to control zoom in / out and the directions more easily. In the 3D PTZ mode, you can simply click and drag to select the desired zoom in / out area, or move to the desired position freely just by a click.

The camera provides pan / tilt speed ranging from 240° per second (EPN5210) / 200° per second (EPN5230) to 0.1° per second for accurate monitoring. A maximum of 255 preset positions can be configured for precise location of target areas. Features like auto pan, tour and patterns are all provided.


Wide area surveillance

The high-speed dome camera also has a wide dynamic range (WDR) function, providing a clear image even in backlighting environments where the backlight intensity is too high. The DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) feature is designed to reduce noise in the image, allowing the high-speed dome camera to better distinguish between real motion and image noise, resulting in the possibility of storing more video evidence on connected storage devices.


Outstanding performance

The new EPN series IR network speed dome comes with two models, EPN5210 and EPN5230, supports 10x / 30x optical zoom and dual streams from H.264. Adopted with a full HD Sony CMOS image sensor along with a weather-proof (IP66) housing and IR LEDs, the speed dome cameras are able to provide up to 2MP sharp and clear real-time images day or night, rain or shine. The speed dome cameras meet a wide variety of needs for outdoor surveillance without blind spots. It is designed with more additional value to expand user’s choice, such as city surveillance, shopping mall, airports, railway stations, highway and harbors.

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2017 / 02 / 16