ESK1000 Sidekick

IP Sidekick
High-Capacity PoE Power Supply
With Wi-Fi connection to Mobile Device

USB DriveSupports iOSAndroidEasy to UsePlug & PlayCamera Power ProvidedPoEPower 12VDCIntelligent Search
Intelligent SearchIntelligent Search


  • High Capacity Battery
  • - Four lithium batteries (18650 type)
  • PoE and DC Power Supplies
  • A WiFi Router with a built-in DHCP server
  • Support Mobile Application: EF Sidekick
  • Compact Size and Easy Portable Design
  • Multi-function
  • - Smartphone Charger
  • - Wireless AP Provider
  • LED Indicators for Power, PoE and Charging Status"

Built-in WiFi Module:DHCP Server Included. No extra HUB needed./Support mobile app quick-configuration:Easily adjust camera angle and focus via MobileFocus app while installation.//Compact Size & Easy to Carry:With this sidekick, no need to carry a lot of installation tools!/High Power Range/Battery Status Indicator, PoE Power Indicator:The indicators can clearly tell installer the battery consumption status
/Save labor hour and cost:Faster connection & configuration than old installation method. Save labor hour and cost!


Ordering Infomation

ESK1000 IP sidekick, 11800mA, EN, Us, cord
ESK1000 IP sidekick, 11800mA, EN,EU cord
Type File Upload date Version File size
Manual ESK1000_UM_B_EN 2016-09-08 1.42 Mb
Manual ESK1000_3rdParty_Connection 2016-09-08 836.62 Kb
Manual ESK1000_Axis_Connection_20141110 2016-09-08 1.68 Mb
Manual ESK1000_Hikvision_Connection_20141110 2016-09-08 2.03 Mb
Manual ESK1000_UM 2017-02-14 1.18 Mb
Original Picture Sidekick 2016-08-19 654.35 Kb
Original Picture Sidekick-side 2016-08-19 572.92 Kb
Original Picture Sidekick-front 2016-08-19 657.79 Kb