Taipei E-bus

Monitoring of Driving Area and Internal of Bus which with GPS system

Project Name

Taipei E-bus



Vertical market



EDSR400M / 800M / EDR800M / EMV1200 / EMV1201 / EMV1200 HD / ED300            Replacement Model: EMV800FHD / EMV400FHD / EMV1200FHD / EMD935F


Taipei City Bus Department wanted to chose an surveillance system to improve safety and security in their transit systems, or to view and share real-time information on traffic and road conditions. As a result, they benefit from:

(1) A safer environment for passengers and staff

(2) Less vandalism, violence and fraudulent insurance claims

(3) Real-time access to live and recorded images

(4) A future-proof, flexible surveillance solution.

To meet the demands of those requests, we provide a solution to make the Taipei City Bus Department easily manage the working status of driver, record the video images to ensure the passengers’ and driver’s safety.


A major transit authority in Taipei e-bus selected EverFocus Mobile Networking DVRs( EDR810M) and Security Digital Cameras (ED300), 5.6” LCD monitor (EN200) for complete video and audio surveillance for its public bus. Beside the quakeproof and temperature controller, EverFocus utilized the EDR810 DVR connections with ED300 Camera with the GPS system to integrate the driving record internal of the bus. In order to recognize the incident when it happened, the GPS system integrated by EDR810M does not only record the traffic accident external of the bus, but also the event inside in effect.


As to install the cameras and EDR810 at the Taipei City Bus, the condition inside of the bus have been controlled and recorded completely. As a result it make the management monitor effectively, and the decrease in operating expense was 6% after 1 year. CCTV cameras from EverFocus help to create a safe environment on buses. In addition, they offer the following capabilities:

(1) High-quality images that leave no room for misinterpretation

(2) Tampering alarm for DVR management software that automatically alerts if the camera is manipulated

(3) CCTV cameras are all built-in heater to ensure full functionality at all temperatures (EHD series).

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